Figma iOS UI Kit & Templates

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Figma iOS UI Kit & Templates

Design iOS screens and apps faster than ever. Filled with hundreds of unique templates and even more well-crafted components, your next project will get the jump start it needs.

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What's Included

📱 390+ iOS Templates

Built to the precise standards of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, this robust template library covers the iOS platform, including light and dark-themed apps.

✏️ 60 Wireframe Templates

Robust collection of UX friendly iOS based wireframe templates included.

💎 2,000+ Component Variants

Comprehensive component library built with constraints and auto layout, the Figma components are well built and highly flexible. Swap instances quickly with smartly organized variants.

🪐 7,000+ Icons and Emojis

The full iOS icon library (SF Symbols) and Apple's emoji library are included. All assets are well labeled and categorized.

🎨 Hundreds of Color, Text, and Effect Styles

Complete iOS and extended color, typography, and effect styles, all included as easy to use Figma styles. Accessible colors, shadows, blurs and more are all ready to go.

🖼️ Wallpapers and Mockups

Present your designs with style. iPhone mockups and a variety of iOS wallpaper backgrounds are included.

Free and Consistent Updates

Many UI kits boast about free updates, but we live it. This library is updated monthly, and often more frequently than that. Check the sidebar for the latest updated version. Purchase even includes future updates to iOS 16.

Built for Figma

This is not a Sketch library repurposed to be a so-so Figma product. This was built solely for Figma and takes advantage of all of Figma's powerful features, including constraints, variants, and auto layout. Layers are smartly organized and labeled to be easy to find, use and edit. Avoid buying libraries that were made to be used with Sketch, XD, Photoshop and Figma as an afterthought.

Built for Everyone

Beginners and Students

New to Figma? This design system can help you learn about how auto layout works, how variants are constructed, and how to implement styles.

Pro UXers and Product Designers

Totally know what you are doing? Great! The pre-built templates will save you tons of time and energy when creating your next app or mobile screens. And the component library ain't bad either. Drag and drop hundreds of components and quickly swap variants or use the component library as the basis of an entirely new design system.

▶️ Live Preview

Free Demo Version

Try before you buy. Check out the Free Demo version.

Help and Support

Need support? Reach out to me with any questions, comments, or feedback. I love hearing from you guys, and want to know what you'd like to see added to this library in the future!

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  • You will receive a Figma file that matches the Live Preview version. Purchase also includes free updates via email when I add new stuff.

  • Requirements
  • File Type
  • Last Update
    May 16, 2022
  • Version
  • Templates
    393 and growing
  • Wireframes
  • Variants
  • Icons & Emojis
  • Auto Layout
  • Color, Text and Effect Styles
  • Light and Dark Themes
  • Free Updates for Life
  • You will receive a Figma file that matches the Live Preview version. Purchase also includes free updates via email when I add new stuff.
  • RequirementsFigma
  • File Type.fig
  • Last UpdateMay 16, 2022
  • Version2.2
  • Templates393 and growing
  • Wireframes60
  • Variants2,000+
  • Icons & Emojis7,000+
  • Auto Layout✔️
  • Color, Text and Effect Styles✔️
  • Light and Dark Themes✔️
  • Free Updates for Life✔️


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Figma iOS UI Kit & Templates

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